Tiny Moose

I’ve been wanting to get the paints out and create a brush font for a while now, something unique, something different to what seems to be the standard for brush fonts these days. There’s a ton of pretty impressive feminine script fonts so I wanted to design something a little more Design Surplus’. Therefore, we welcome the birth of Tiny Moose.

What’s included?

Tiny Moose is a simple hand painted capital letter brush font. Oh, and I’ve chucked in some bonus shields and moose antler icons which you can activate with lower case keys. 

Creating The Product

Tiny Moose is the first in a collection of new handpainted brush fonts from Design Surplus. If you follow my shop, you’ll know I have an aversion to 90 degree angles and straight lines. I like my artwork clean but unrefined, like a rustic plate of Italian. All letters, numbers, punctuation and bonus icons are exactly as they were painted.

Take a look at Tiny Moose and more hand drawn fonts in the Design Surplus store