Why open a Creative Market store?

As a graphic designer you probably download tons of fonts, mockups and photo filters but have you ever considered creating your own? Putting a little extra in your back pocket isn’t the only reason designers open their own digital goods shops.



Being a freelance designer there’s times when I’m flat out, working every hour to finish a project and one week later I’ve got more time on my hands than I know what to do with. After 9 months of running my Creative Market store I now have a regular income from Design Surplus.

You simply request a payout of your earnings at the end of each month and the money is paid into your paypal on the 15th of the following month.




Creative Market has a great community feel to it. With over 7000 shops you still never feel like a small fish in a big pond. Every shop owner is there for the same reason, wanting to create the best products they can and earn a few bucks at the same time. I’ve messaged and had other shop owners message me about design techniques or product ideas. It’s great to chat to people in the same position as you, to grab some advice or bounce ideas off of.




Before starting Design Surplus I was a freelancer with a background mainly in apparel design & signwriting so my skill set was fairly limited. Seeing all the incredible products put out by designers for designers, I was inspired. I began thinking ‘I could do that, I could make my own font’ I looked up tutorials and reviews of font creation software and within a few days I’d started drawing Gentleman’s Poison. I can now offer font design to my clients which has increased my skillset meaning I have more to offer potential clients.




Unlike other digital goods sites, there is no vetting of new products on Creative Market meaning you have complete free reign on what you create. You can also work to your own schedule, adding products to your shop when it suits you.

I have a list of products I want to create and slowly, in between freelance projects, I’m working my way down that list. A few months ago I had a project postponed and therefore, had an entire week free. This gave me a chance to work on, Create Your Own Mockups which took that week to plan, photograph and complete. 




Your Creative Market shop shows off your skills as a designer and given that you have complete freedom over what you create, it also represents your own personal design style. I often have people enquire about hand drawn logo designs because they’ve seen my logo products and are after something similar that perhaps they cant create themselves. So who better to go to than a designer who’s already designed tons of popular logos in the same style?




Sure you could set up a website and list your products but unless you’ve got some serious money and time to put into marketing that site will go pretty much unseen. Currently Creative Market has over 840, 000 members! Meaning each time you release a product there’s already a huge audience just waiting to buy it. This flow of traffic through your shop gains you recognition and gets your name out there. Link each product to your website, instagram or facebook and there you have another way of gaining traffic to your site or social media.