What to include in your Product Images

How you present your digital product can lead to a big wad of cash or empty pockets. You have seconds to show a potential customer why they should click BUY. Here's some pointers on how to show your product in the best light.


The cover image should be clear and simple. This is your product’s first impression and you want it to be a good one. Show the customer immediately what the product is and potentially what it can do.



Show every element of the product. If you’re product is a smart PSD show everything that’s included e.g. textures, print effects


Does your product have many uses? If so, show us, don’t just tell us. Include mockups of the product in action (fonts on business cards, logos on mockup items, posters made with smart PSD’s)


Another option is to include other popular designers work that’s used your product. This shows potential customers how good they're artwork can look using your product. Ian Barnard from Vintage Design Co. does this perfectly with artwork created using his product Texture Press

Your product images teamed with the description should answer every question a customer might have when considering whether to buy your product or not. Leave no doubt that they need this, that it does the job it set out to do and that its worth buying.


Here’s great product from Vintage Design Co. that helps you lay out your product images to show the best of your product.