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Since 2005, Brine has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we fuse unique pickling techniques from around the world to create interesting flavors and textures. Brine makes everything in small batches from our home in L.A.. To achieve optimal flavor, our products age from three weeks to four months, making every pickle worth your patience.


My vision when in the beginning stages of setting up Design Surplus, was to create a store that puts out unique, high quality and above all useful products. Simple as that. Before every new product I always ask myself 'Would I buy this?' 'Will it save me time?' 'Is it unique?' Those are the 3 that are essential to creating great design resources.

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Each product in store takes 10-50 hours to create. That's everything from the beginning scribbles and checklists to product images and uploading the final files to the store.
My process goes something like this. Check online to see if my idea hasn't been done yet and if the product would be unique. If so, I give myself the go ahead. I sketch everything out and write checklists of what needs to be done.
The final step is designing product images. I always allow myself another day to get them just right, after all these are the first impression of the product and the only chance to really show what it's made of.