Extended Font License

Extended Font License


This extended license for Design Surplus fonts allows you to use all store fonts and the bonus items included (icons etc.) an unlimited amount and for commercial projects. This license is only for Design Surplus fonts and covers no other Design Surplus products.

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An extended license allows you to:
-Include Design Surplus fonts in commercial projects
-Exclusively use Design Surplus fonts in designs for sale e.g. art prints sold on Etsy and other e-commerce sites
-Use Design Surplus fonts an unlimited number of times 

This extended license does not allow you to:
-Resale, share or redistribute the Design Surplus font products or individual items from the  product such as font files, icons or logo design files
-Claim and Design Surplus font as your own work
-Include Design Surplus font products in any promotions or product giveaways 

You do not need an extended license:
-To use Design Surplus fonts for personal use e.g. portfolio images 


Design Surplus fonts are not included with this license and need to be purchased separately from the store here


If you’d like some advice about extended licenses and whether you need one for your project, just message me here via the contact page or email touchbase@designsurplus.co