Taco and Tequila, 2 Fonts + Extras!

Taco and Tequila, 2 Fonts + Extras!


CAUTION: Hot Font: Over-consumption may cause designs to spontaneously combust.

You get the idea. This font is packing heat. You know what I mean? 

Neither do I. But I’ve chosen my theme and I’m sticking to it. 

Mexican food has always been my hands-down favourite and it stuck by me when I got Glutarded. Yes, when bread, pasta and Ben and Jerry let me down, it was there for me, to offer up a gluten free taco and save me from starvation.

So this is my salute to gluten free Mexican... 2 Mexican-inspired fonts with hand-drawn icons that really capture the heart of Mexico, or at least what I have gathered is the heart of Mexico from Halloween costumes and Saturday morning cartoons.

- Taco and Tequila Shadow OTF
- Taco and Tequila Regular OTF
-36 Vectors, including cacti, moustaches, a tequila glass and a piñata
 (Ai and PSD)
Grab both tacos, I mean fonts, for $15 now!!


Any questions, just message me here via the contact page or email touchbase@designsurplus.co

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